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Ridgewood, NJ Gold Star Mother’s Day Committee

Mailing Address:
American Legion Post #53
P.O. Box 1525     
Ridgewood, NJ 07450

 Maria Bombace, TEL: (201) 444-0892     E-Mail: mariabombace@aol.com  
  Bob Paoli, TEL: (201) 445-1738          E-Mail: bobpaoli@verizon.net

CONTACT:      Stanley A. Kober
E-MAIL:          (sakober@yahoo.com)
TELEPHONE: (201) 445-1121

On Sunday, September 30, 2018, for our eighth year many from across the County gathered at Van Neste Square Memorial Park, Ridgewood, NJ, to commemorate Gold Star Mother’s Day.  Gold Star families are the families of our military servicemen and women killed in the line of duty.  The last Sunday in September has been reserved to honor our Gold Star Mothers by U.S. Presidential proclamation started in 1936. We honor their sacrifice and stand with them on this solemn day and every day throughout the year.

This year we were privileged to have in attendance U.S. Congressman Gottheimer’s Community Outreach Director Arazi; NJ Assemblymen Rooney and De Phillips, and Rooney Chief of Staff Johnston; Bergen County Executive Tedesco; Bergen County Freeholder Amoroso; Bergen County Clerk Hogan; Bergen County Division of Veterans Services Director Luna; Ridgewood Mayor Hache; Ridgewood Village Manager Mailander; Ridgewood Council Members, Sedon, Voigt, and Walsh; former Ridgewood Mayor Aronsohn; Adopt-a-Soldier Platoon Pres. Krutchkoff; VFW District 2 Commander Chrzanowski; and VFW District 2 Auxiliary Pres. Nemec.

A moving ceremony and lighting of luminaries highlighted the event and pictures may be seen at our website: https://rwdgoldstarcmte.wordpress.com/ as soon as the photos are published there.

The American Legion Post 53 and the Ridgewood Gold Star Mother’s Day Committee extend our heartfelt thanks to the Village Council, the Fire Department, Police Department, Signal Department, Ridgewood Scouts, Ridgewood Public Schools, Ridgewood High School Project Interact,  numerous other participants, and YOU the residents of our Village, as well as many others in attendance, for your support to again make this commemorative occasion a resounding success.

If you did not get a chance to attend this year, we invite you to join us next year on Sunday, September 29, 2019, and be part of this notable tribute to Gold Star Mothers and their families.

SAVE THE DATE OF SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2019 and be part of this notable tribute to Gold Star Mothers.

Thank you,

/s/ Maria Bombace                                               /s/ Bob Paoli
Maria Bombace                                                     Bob Paoli, Commander
Gold Star Mother’s Day Committee               American Legion Post 53, Ridgewood

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